SPA Therapies

Theravine™ and Musculavine™ Therapies

Theravine™ body BUFF CLEANSE - 30 min. - 65 BGN

A gentle, all over body exfoliation, using grapeseeds in a botanical rich body cleansing cream. Feel invigorated and revitalized as your body is polished to glowing perfection before receiving a body treatment.

Musculavine™ FRICTION SCRUB with brown sugar and baobab oil - 30 min. - 65 BGN

A warming sugar scrub infused with circulatory-boosting essential oils used as an antidote for a tired body and mind. This scrub gives an exhilarating start to your day with an uplifting aroma of eucalyptus, pine and black pepper to help unwind the body and mind as well as ease muscular aches and pains.

Musculavine™ BACK MASSAGE - 35 min. - 65 BGN

Intensive massage and muscle reconditioning techniques are used to help relieve muscular tension, followed by the application of a refreshing circulatory gel.


A lymphatic drainage massage performed to aid lymphatic flow thereby breaking down and eliminating toxins. A 100% natural oil consisting of blue mountain sage, basil, juniper berry and rosemary extracts.

Aromavine™ RELAXING PINOTAGE MASSAGE - 60 min. - 70 BGN

Tension melts away with our relaxing massage containing a synergistic blend of cape chamomile, neroli and lavender. Relax in complete tranquillity!

Relax your body and your mind

Musculavine™ MUSCLE-RELEASE SPA RITUAL - 75 min. - 80 BGN /friction scrub, hydrotherapy bath, massage, circulating gel application/

After receiving a warm, aroma-infused sugar scrub, you are submerged in a hydrotherapy bath containing a concoction of muscle warming actives. A muscular aches and pains oil is applied to your body after which a massage is performed to help ease the pains of muscle spasms, arthritis, rheumatism and fatigue. A circulating gel is then applied, leaving your body feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Theravine™ RECHARGE BODY CLAY WRAP - 90 min. - 95 BGN

A vibrant blend of essential oils of clary sage, rose and jasmine will enliven your total being. Your body will be re-mineralised with warm clay, thereafter wrapped in a thermal blanket whilst the essential minerals thoroughly cleanse your body and stimulate cellular regeneration for enhancement of a smoother, hydrated and radiant looking skin. An ideal treatment for those in need of a boost.

Theravine ™ RELAXING THERAPY - 90 min. - 95 BGN

/exfoliating with peeling and lime peeling, relaxing massage pinotage, wine creambody mask, scalp massage, body lotion moisturizing cabernet/ This luxurious procedure is recommended as an anti-stress therapy, with an emphasis on absolute relaxation. Immerse yourself in a relaxing atmosphere and let your therapist provide you with an “unforgettable experience”!

Theravine™ PINOTAGE BATH ELIXIR - 20 min. - 70 BGN

Immerse your body in powerful grape skin and vine leaf anti-oxidant extracts combined with indigenous essential oils to promote wellbeing and anti-ageing, whilst achieving a deeper state of therapeutic relaxation. Your body is then glazed in one of the theravine™ pinotage body oils to soften and moisturise the skin.

Theravine ™ SPA ritual LUXURY CARE - 120 min. - 80 BGN

/foot cleansing ritual, body scrub, hydrotherapy bath, AromaVine™ massage, foot treatment/

Prepare yourself for the ultimate indulgence and stress release. To commence, you will enjoy a foot cleansing ritual followed by our crushed Pinotage honey and lime salt scrub. You are then immersed in a hydrotherapy tub filled with our elixir of red grape skin extract. Melt away tension with one of our blissful AromaVine™ massage. Finally, a warm, hydrating milk is poured over your feet to treat your skin and nails – which leaves you completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

Circulavine™ LEG TREATMENT - 45 min. - 70 BGN

An invigorating foot and leg treatment combining manual lymphatic drainage with a muscular aches and pains body oil blend. Your feet and legs are then wrapped in a circulation-booster gel followed by the application of a hydrating body lotion. This is the perfect treatment to help relax and relieve tired, heavy legs.

BODY COCKTAILS - 60 min. - 85 BGN

/mix with the scent of Pina Colada, Red Berries and Tequila. Action: tonic and regenerating/

SEASONAL face treatment with pear and grapes - 45 min. - 70 BGN

/oxygen booster for total skin protection and energy/



Romantic Bath for Couples - 25 min. - 55 BGN


Jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath /for 1 – 4 people/ - 6 hours - 180 BGN