In Bulgaria the hammam is known as a Turkish bath. It is the Middle Eastern version of the steam room. This type of bath is linked to the Central Asian Turkic tradition of ritual bathing. The massages and treatments we offer in the Turkish bath at the Astera SPA in Bansko are oriental peeling, oriental foam massage and oriental foam massage for children.

Oriental peeling

After being pre-steamed in the Turkish bath, the body is preparing for the upcoming exfoliation, which aims to remove the surface layer of dead cells. Under the influence of steam and heat, the pores of the skin are opened and the toxins accumulated through it. After oriental peeling, the body feels fresh and toned.

Oriental Body peeling + Foamy Body massage /Hamam/ - 60 min. 80 BGN

Oriental foam massage

It is a body peeling with aromatic salts, combined with herbal foam massage. The procedure is performed on a warm hammam table. Massage eliminates dead cells from the body and cleanses the skin in depth. It eliminates the feeling of fatigue and muscle tension, and the aroma of essential oils balances the energies in the body.

Foamy Body massage for children /under 12 years/ - 20 min. 45 BGN